This week @ Portigal

It’s another week of gorgeous fall weather but with lots and lots and lots of coastal fog. Here’s our week

  • Hail Ants! I came back into the office today after a great few days in Ottawa (the talks were very well received; the people were super engaged and had a lot of good thoughts and comments) to have Beth point out a whole lotta ants in the kitchen. A trip to the hardware store is imminent.
  • We’re excited to kick off a new project on Friday and in the meantime are diving into an exhaustive briefing document the team put together for us.
  • I’ll be spending another day this week focusing on edits for the book.
  • I’ve got a War Story in hand to publish as soon as I can; a few more folks have told me they are working on theirs, and we had a great conversation this morning about a story that Beth is working on.
  • Ten years gone: From October 2002 – Musical potty
  • What we’re consuming: Suzy Q donuts, The Group of Seven, OneFortyThree – our project home (and stuff we make for it)


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