This Week @ Portigal

It’s Monday and here’s the thoughts about the week.

  • Having rescoped/rescheduled our largest project, we’re out for fieldwork this week. I’m flying to Boston today while Tamara flies to Wichita. Clients are joining us in those cities from Connecticut, Dallas, and Chicago. This is most activity we’ve had in the field on this project in a couple of months!.
  • I’ve got the first few book chapters back from the editors. Desperately looking for time to plow through all the great comments and challenges.
  • Today is supposedly the “any day” finally here for the IxD13 Student Design Challenge announcement. Of course, I’m traveling today, so…
  • Two fun presentations this week, talking about improv with Shwab’s “Brain Circus” and about user research at General Assembly.
  • Also trying to get stuff sorted out for upcoming presentations – next week Chicago and two weeks after that with three presentations in Ottawa!
  • Ten years gone: From September 2002 – A tour operator from Myanmar likes to cowork with you.
  • What we’re consuming: Leopold’s Gasthaus, Platinum Blonde, Cambridge’s foodie scene
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