This Week @ Portigal

Welcome to the week. Here’s our deal:

  • We’ll be working through some fieldwork stimuli as we finalize our plans to get out to these customers we’re waiting to see. These won’t be designs per se, but sketches or other visualizations of new functionality meant to provoke conversation. We’re evaluating the idea more than the solution itself (see Role Prototype here [PDF]).
  • I am mostly ready for my UX Australia workshop but want to do some prep for my talk in Melbourne. Yes, it’s next month but between fieldwork and travel, it’s going to be upon me in a moment.
  • Five War Stories last week, at least two this week. And we need your story, too! Tell us yours here.
  • We’ve begun work on the IxD13 Student Design Challenge. We had a great first meeting with our sponsor and are filled with excitement about it; I expect there will be an announcement this week or soon about who the sponsor is and what we’ll be exploring together.
  • Ten years gone: From August 2002 – chocolate french fries, a celebrity encounter.
  • What we’re consuming: Curiosity, Storm Large, COOKIES.


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