This Week @ Portigal

The happenings this week:

  • We deliver the goods tomorrow; wrapping up a crazily-quick project (with an availability-caused interregnum) with a session tomorrow. Excited to share our analysis and resulting implications with the team and see where they take them.
  • At the end of last week a purchase order magically emerged from a corporate sourcing machine and today we start kicking off a large project. There’s so many known unknowns, I totally expect this to be a meeting about a meeting more than anything, but that’s where we have to start in order to bring clarity to the murk. Many projects start this way, but this seems even more so (our clients didn’t know we were getting the purchase order any more than we did, for example).
  • We had three new War Stories last week and I hope to be getting more this week!
  • Ten Years Gone: On All This ChittahChattah in June, 2002 a minor rock legend dies, a still-unanswered set of questions about what the heck a belt-buckle actually is.
  • What we’re consuming: Surf Spot, John Scalzi, Spalding Gray.


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