This Week @ Portigal

  • I am actually doing okay after a week with Google’s Gmail and Calendar, and Evernote. I’ve dipped my toe in cleaning up more than a decade of digital detritus but that is a long road.
  • It’s a shortened week here as I host visiting family and take a long weekend.
  • This week I’ll be chatting about Interviewing Users with the Denver UX Book Club.
  • I’m one of the coaches for MVP Design Hacks and I’ll be taking questions in a session this week. I am very curious to hear what the participants are working on and where they have questions.
  • Here’s my pictures from Berlin.
  • I’ve alluded before to a stealth project; it’s still stealthy but I will tease by say I’m starting to set up interviews.
  • Coming up next month, I’ll be speaking about user research at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco.
  • Ten years gone: From October 2004 – Pumpkins and pie.
  • What we’re consuming: Kale and Chard, Buzz Ballz, coconut mojitos, Transparent.


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