This Week @ Portigal


  • I’m hoping to put the wraps on my talk about War Stories (coming up at CHIFOO next month) today and tomorrow.
  • One of the clients I’ve been coaching is presenting their findings to their executive team on Tuesday and then on Thursday I’m going to lead a workshop where we’ll translate their findings into a diverse set of business activities, and then prioritize them into their next steps.
  • Have you registered for my workshop on synthesizing user research at EuroIA?
  • Have you signed up for my workshop exploring mindfulness and presence at UX Australia?
  • And a reminder that I’ll be looking for any internal training gigs near Brussels and Sydney later this year.
  • Ten years gone: From May 2004 – That freaky Ball Park Franks “girthy” ad, Google “serves up” some awkward ads for a story about infected barbecue..
  • What we’re consuming: The White Diamond, Cafe Gibraltar, Star Wars Burlesque, canine acupuncture, Nash the Slash.


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