This Week @ Portigal

Happy happy Monday!

  • The week has begun well, with news that a client has accepted our proposal to help them with planning a research program to support a wide-ranging strategic initiative. Looks like a trip to Cambridge, MA is coming up soon to kick this off.
  • We posted two great War Stories last week, from Steve Sato and Gerry Gaffney. I’m working away on the plan for my upcoming War Stories talk at CHIFOO next month.
  • It’s a ways away but I am excited about teaching a workshop on synthesizing user research at EuroIA and on developing an understanding of presence at UX Australia. I’d love for people to sign up earlier, rather than later, for these workshops because it really helps with planning logistics (and finances).
  • Given that I’m going to be in Sydney in August and Brussels in September, it’d be great to line up a training or consulting gig vaguely in and around there. If your European or Australian firm might benefit from working with me, please get in touch to talk further.
  • I’m attending the Core77 Conference next month in Brooklyn. Will I see you there?
  • Ten years gone: From May 2004 – A website about someone famous is not the way to reach someone famous, John Maeda’s Simplicity Design Workshop, Green Tea Caramel Corn
  • What we’re consuming: Benedict Cumbercats, Neil Young’s String Theory, Louie.


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