This Week @ Portigal

Greetings to all!

  • We’re onto the final tiny steps to wrap up this long project. Last week’s sessions highlighted some real challenges in moving innovation through the organization and I know that my direct clients have some more work to do. I’ve put together an iteration of our final presentation that hopefully will help everyone understand the path we’ve gone down – the questions we were tasked with and the ways our research addressed those. For now, I’m waiting to hear that this is satisfactory for concluding this phase of work.
  • I’ve got my single transcript in hand will be combing through it this week in preparation for facilitating for a new client next week.
  • We’ve got another new War Story! Check out Seeing Ourselves As Others May See Us. I hope to have more soon (hint hint hint).
  • On Friday I recorded a conversation with Gerard Dolan for his UX Discovery Session podcast and before the weekend was up he had posted it! Check out our 30-minute chat.
  • More to listen to: the recording from last week’s Wise Talk about Interviewing Users is here.
  • This week I’ll be one of several speakers at Rosenfeld Media’s day-long virtual event, 32 Awesomely Practical UX Tips. Use the code STEVE for 20% off!
  • I’m taking time this week to drive down to meet with a design team we worked a lot with about 4 years ago and see if there are opportunities to collaborate again. I’m also having lunch with a few different colleagues around the area to catch up and share ideas and stories.
  • Ten years gone: From April 2004 – Astro Boy currency, Wacky warning labels.
  • What we’re consuming: Philz Coffee (suburban version), Aaron Sorkin’s QSR drama, renovacation, Chinatown Sartorialist, Silicon Valley, focus group horror, dog treats (inadverently!).


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