This Week @ Portigal

Howdy April. Hopefully it’s spring for you if you live in a spring-in-April part of the world.

  • The key objective for this week is to wrap up the deliverable document for this project. That means I’m working in PowerPoint, trying to actually craft an articulate statement that succinctly expresses the details of what we saw – and why that’s relevant to our client. I took some time this week to make sure that I left paper (and Microsoft Word) and got into PowerPoint – it’s always gratifying to be in the deck, even though the ideas are still sharpening. I’ve got a bunch of diagrams to draw, oh and the details of a workshop to plan. I know that by the time I get on an airplane Sunday morning we’ll be all set, but it really requires focus.
  • I think it’s on hold this week while my main contact is on holiday, but last week I started consulting with a team who have already conducted their own fieldwork to help inform a pretty significant strategic directive to open up new lines of business.
  • I’m so grateful for Cati’s review of Interviewing Users on Amazon.
  • There’s some tantalizing possibilities for great collaborations for our next project. Conversations this week will tell us more about what is happening next.
  • Coming up on April 17, I will be the guest on Mariposa Leadership’s Wise Talk, where the topic will be The Art of Interviewing Users. You can register here. I hope to hear from you!
  • I helped judge two categories (Effective In-House Team and Work Environment for Digital Practitioners: In-House) for the Design for Experience awards.
  • I enjoyed listening to this podcast with Kerry Bodine, not the least for the amazing shout-out she gives to Interviewing Users at 15:45.
  • I’m still waiting for confirmation but possibly I’ll be leading a session on interviewing at SF Civic Design Camp this Saturday.
  • I’ve posted all of my photos from my trip to Australia and New Zealand.
  • On the town this week: On Tuesday, I’ll hope to make it to BayCHI to hear Michael Kronthal talk about building empathy at Yahoo.
  • Ten years gone: From April 2004 – Mourners honor chickens killed in wake of bird-flu outbreak, Faith Popcorn overrated, Parade of 1000 Samurai, So that’s who likes those robot dogs.
  • What we’re consuming: Frances Ha, Google Night Walk, Inside Llewyn Davis, Walking backwards through Tokyo.


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