This Week @ Portigal

Here comes the end of February – 2014 is racing along.

  • Our project schedule may be in jeopardy which is the kind of thing that makes me worry. We already lost a week to getting our hospitals scheduled and I haven’t heard much since then (except that they expect it to be difficult). The team is pretty busy with a number of other efforts (specifics unknown to me) so even getting a response to my request for a quick check-in is a challenge. I’m eager for us to start learning but there’s a huge logistics hurdle that needs to be overcome.
  • Really looking forward to an internal corporate summit I’m going to be part of, probably in April. From what I’ve heard so far it should be a pretty exciting event.
  • On the town this week, I’ll be at Arrogance in International Research this Wednesday in San Francisco.
  • Ten years gone: From February 2004 – Franchise Zeitgeist, Pickle Paraphernalia, Li’l G n’R.
  • What we’re consuming: Enough Said, EQ3, Hangman Jury, Tara’s Organic Ice Cream.


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