This Week @ Portigal

It’s a gorgeous January day in Northern California. I feel very lucky!

  • I’m kicking off the week drowning in administrivia: sending out 1099 to last year’s contractors, paying the next installment on this year’s taxes, dealing with a missing automated bill payment to our landlord and so on. It’s gotta be done but yuck.
  • There is some fun administrivia though: time spent getting ready for a possible office share with a local designer who is interested in one of our unused desks.
  • Last week was really dominated by chatting with a number of prospects, outlining project plans, creating documents, talking through approaches and schedules. This week begins with…waiting. Although I’m sure that’s going to get a bit zany before too long.
  • We ended last year as an agency of one, and so we’ve begun this year by reaching out to our network of collaborators in order to create just a bit more formality around an informal aggregation. This week will be a lot of conversations with people about the details of working together.
  • I’ve started a fun collaboration with a local colleague and will be announcing that here very soon!
  • On the town: I’ve been invited to dinner with a delegation of design executives from China. I’m not sure what it’s going to be about but will find out!
  • On Thursday, I’ll be teaching a workshop about Interviewing Users at Code for America!
  • Here’s my 5-minute talk about The Power of Silence, newly posted from last year’s Fluxible conference.
  • Ten years gone: From January 2004 – Phase 3 is Profit!, The Sim Mafia.
  • What we’re consuming: The Happy Taco, StarStruck, Modern Family, Steal This Episode.


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