This Week @ Portigal

This week is all about data, and making sense of it

  • We’re poring over transcripts from New York and LA. We’ve killed a lot of trees with our printouts; everyone is heads down reading through interviews and making notes. Our clients are coming over for a no-doubt lively session of storytelling, analysis, debate, sticky-note madness, and pattern matching.
  • We’ve put a stake in the ground over last week’s multi-method mayhem; sharing a topline summary with those clients (now safely back at home overseas) and staging the next round of transcripts and analysis.
  • I’m off to Austin later this week for SXSW Interactive and then hanging around for some vacation time at the film festival, with some live music, tacos, and BBQ thrown in for good measure.
  • What we’re consuming: Laser Quest, The Ice Cream Bar.


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