Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dan

I was in Denver recently for a 10-day stint doing fieldwork. It was a long enough trip that, in addition to conducting interviews and spending time with our clients (who participated in more than half of the fieldwork sessions and some great after-work meals), I had a chance to do some exploring on my own. Here’s a short photojournal of some things that caught my eye…
map store
Cruising by the map store.

lit trees 2_denver
Getting out in nature.

Asking our waitress about her tattoo.

indoor sky diving
Indoor sky diving!

Drive-through liquor store.

A lonely train.

Grills and gold teeth.

Enjoy your stay! Safety warnings on the TV in my room.

I went down to the crossroads (but didn’t get down on my knees, because it was too damn cold!)


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