Citing Politics, Studio Cancels Documentary

The New York Times reports that Warner Brothers has decided not to distribute the director David O. Russell’s new antiwar documentary when it re-releases his 1999 Gulf War movie, ‘Three Kings,’ this fall, judging it ‘totally inappropriate’ to do so in a political season, a studio spokeswoman said.
‘This came out to be a documentary that condemns, basically, war,’ said the spokeswoman, Barbara Brogliatti. ‘This is supposed to be a special edition of ‘Three Kings,’ not a polemic about war.’

Warner Brothers doesn’t want to be seen as being against war? I thought our culture had a basic assumption that war, hatred, violence and all that stuff is bad, pure and simple. It doesn’t mean we don’t do it, that it isn’t necessary – that seems to me to be the part that is subject to interpretation, but who the hell is pro-war? We may support a specific war, but is anyone pro-war?


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