Dimebag Darrell’s Fans Fill Heavy-Metal Sites With Internet Eulogies

Why is The New York Times publishing such a smug and snarky article about fan reactions to Dimebag Darrell’s death? It’s okay to make fun of how badly people write online (if you are the NYT, of course) especially if those people are horrible loser heavy-metal people that are worthy of mocking, even in their grief/anger/confusion.

Then the drinking commenced. “This beer is for you, Dimebag.” one writer proposed. “Everyone, raise your beer.” Another fan objected: “No offense to the departed, but a beer before noon sounds like an A.A. problem. Tonight we’ll have a kegger.”

“Hey, I work for A.A.,” another post said, as if that had anything to do with anything.

By early morning, metal fans were waxing philosophical in between expletives. “R.I.P., Dimebag, what a cruel way to leave this life. Thanks, Dimebag, for riffs that will live longer than anyone of us.”

When the killer’s identity was revealed – Nathan M. Gale, a Pantera fan – a vein of spleen was tapped. There was talk of revenge beyond the grave. And plenty of bile was left over for one of Pantera’s members, Phil Anselmo, who, apparently, initiated Pantera’s breakup.

One Dimebag fan promised he would be visiting a grave soon – not that of Dimebag, but of his killer. The reason? To urinate on his headstone and defecate on the grass near his head. “I bet I won’t be the first person there,” he predicted. Another fan intimated that Mr. Gale’s mother should have tried oral sex instead of intercourse.

That opened up debate about Mr. Gale’s mother, until one post pleaded for respect. “I’m sure she’s just as cut up about his death as we are about Dime!! and she was probably not such a good mum (otherwise he may not have done what he did) but I’m sure she loved him and is upset, too.”

And what about Mr. Anselmo, formerly of Pantera and currently of Superjoint Ritual? Fans were feeling cranky toward him. “Happy now, Phil?” one fan wrote. Another writer said, “Guarantee it comes out that the shooter was obsessed with Phil Anselmo and thought by killing Dimebag he would be doing his idol Phil’s bidding.”


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