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Sign o’ the Tmies

CBC News has a tool on their masthead to report a typo.

Some people like to report typos (I’m one of them; I also like to be notified of typos). But there’s also a comment here on ways to listen to customers; CBC perhaps noticed some patterns in type of feedback they were getting and decided to create a channel just for that type of input. As well, by offering that link they are encouraging people to participate in the site on a very simple level, as typo submitters.

Nifty little typo at Salon

Salon com 8 19 2005 6 34 59 PM.jpg
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The caption reads Alan Ball, with Peter Krause as Casey Fisher, in the background. Actually, Peter plays Nate Fisher on Six Feet Under and he played Casey McCall on Sports Night. Strange.


I got a rather off-color piece of spam today (this is not unusual) that included this line: Young Cherries About To Get Poped !


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