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Eve teasing and Blank Noise and trim tabs

Eve teasing “is a euphemism used in India for sexual harassment or molestation of women by men…from sexually coloured remarks to outright groping.” Param points us to the BLANK NOISE PROJECT and explains “In these events, a group of people get together in a public place. As a group, they stare at different people on the streets!! This is followed by distributing leaflets/pamphlets to the person who was stared at.”

It’s an interesting example of designing a simple behavior (descriptively simple, but complex in the way it violates social norms) that can be used to cause powerful change. Compare with Buckminster Fuller who took the notion of the trim tab – a small flap that drives a larger rudder – as a metaphor for the power of the individual to cause larger social changes. Indeed, his gravestone reads “Call me TRIMTAB.”


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