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French Flag is Lowered

This just confirms my feelings about my Canadian flag…I have wanted to fly it in some manner near my home over the past 2 years, but have always felt that someone would interpret a pro-Canadian expression as somehow being anti-American, when in fact, it would have merely been an expression of the need for nationalism we all felt after 9/11.

Hotel Sofitels across the country are temporarily removing the French tricolor flying outside and replacing them with state flags. “Some of our general managers decided maybe our flags would hurt some of our clients,” said Sofitel communications manager Paul Charoy. “It was just to show goodwill, it was not to make any problems or talk in the press.”
But the gesture has led to unwanted media attention in the United States and criticism of the Sofitel chain back home in France, Charoy said. “Sometimes you want to do something to make people happy and you make a mistake,” he said


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