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Happy Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a North American holiday where the time until spring is determined by whether or not a specific groundhog sees his shadow.

Like horror hosts and chocolate bars, if you grew up with a local groundhog, you probably assumed that everyone had the same one. But Wikipedia (link above) dashes that illusion by listing a number of region-specific forecasting rodents:

Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Wiarton Willie of Wiarton, Ontario
Staten Island Chuck of New York City, New York
General Beauregard Lee, PhD of Atlanta, Georgia
Malverne Mel and Malverne Melissa of Malverne, New York
Brandon Bob of Brandon, Manitoba
Balzac Billy of Balzac, Alberta
Shubenacadie Sam of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia
Gary the Groundhog of Kleinburg, Ontario
Spanish Joe of Spanish, Ontario
Sir Walter Wally of Raleigh, North Carolina
Pardon Me Pete of Tampa, Florida
Jimmy the Groundhog of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Octoraro Orphie of Quarryville, Pennsylvania
Buckeye Chuck of Marion, Ohio
Dunkirk Dave of Dunkirk, New York
French Creek Freddie of Upshur County,West Virginia
Holtsville Hal of Long Island, New York


Museum Disaster

Remember last month when someone attacked Duchamp’s urinal “Fountain” with a hammer? How horrified the museum administrators would have been! I can relate because today I went into the garage and saw the archives of the Museum of Foreign Groceries had been plundered by a varmint who entered the garage, prying open the non-sealing storage containers (those ones that simply press shut, but don’t snap shut), and ripping up all sorts of boxes and packages and the like. Many of which are not replaceable, and several of which I hadn’t ever photographed.

I’ve contacted Lloyds of London to see if they’ll honor the Raccoon Policy but I guess this just means more grocery shopping in more foreign countries will have to be in my future.


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