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Familiar categories; different context


In California, gas stations usually show three prices: regular, mid-grade, and premium. Sometimes diesel is shown. Even if there is small text to explain what those prices refer to, we mostly go off of familiarity, knowing what each box in sequence is telling us.

This sign from a Speedway station in western Michigan uses a fourth slot to indicate price for another item: cigarettes. Gas stations and smokes seem to go together better in MI than in CA.

Sneaky Sign


Marin Oriental Rug House, slightly dodging the cliche that all such establishments are always “going out of business” – they offer the shopper the chance to shop at going out of business PRICES. Going out of business is no longer a state of being, it’s an attribute.


I was fooled when I drove by and took this picture (while making a left-hand turn, even); it wasn’t til looking at the picture later that I see their little dodge.


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