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How glitz (so easily) becomes failure

If Steve (sans glasses) was a Simpsons character

The blogosphere is abuzz today (in the post-iPhone, post-Ratatoullie, post-Transformers frenzy) with the launch of 7-11 stores converted into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the Simpsons Movie. The nearest Kwik-E-Mart is an hour away, but we walked to our local 7-11 to see if they were carrying the promised set of Simpsons-themed merch. We walked through the entire store and were just on our way out when we discovered the display. Yep, we’re enough off the grid here in Pacifica that what we get is just another messy shelf of crappy products. Perhaps life imitates the Simpsons, once again?


Best. Promo. EVAR.

via BoingBoing comes news that some 7-11s will be made up as Kwik-E-Marts to promote the Simpsons movie.

The article comes complete with a grand example of my beloved empty PR consumer-justification: “We’ve done research, and research shows us that our customers like . . . movies” – Does it get any more Simpsonesque than that?

Who needs the Kwik-E Mart? I dooooooooooooooo!

ObRalphWiggum: Lisa, do you like…stuff?


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