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An idea so crazy it just might work?

There may be frustrated designers doing some important government work. In what reads like an Onion article, this story describes how investigators submitted 20 phony products to the US Energy Star certification program. Three were ignored, and 2 were rejected. An 18″ x 15″ alarm clock (model name: Black Gold) that runs on gasoline was approved. As was the room air cleaner pictured above, made up of a space heater with fly strips and a feather duster. Maybe the Energy Star folks were giving extra points for bravado and “made us laff.”

Get the story straight

The London Bombing story seems to be evolving crazily, with so much information being revised. First, the bombers were amateurs. Then CNN’s timeline of the explosions was radically revised from the original stories. But timers were used not suicide bombers. Then we were told the bombers were experts, given the quality of the bombs themselves. Then we hear that some people were arrested. Then that is denied, but we hear that the bombers did kill themselves aboard the trains and bus.

I’m sure this post will be out of date before you read it.

Obviously there’s a balance between keeping the public informed and getting the story straight. Personally, I find the shifting facts and emotions that those facts engender to be unsettling, leading to more of a feeling of being out of control – that the authorities are out of control and that we the public are increasingly helpless. Others may take a Law-and-Order like comfort from the narrowing in onto the truth.


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