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Internet prank opportunity (for the truly motivated)

Famed blogger/writer/Internet-activist Cory Doctorow will custom-inscribe his books for you

If you’re interested in a signed, inscribed copy of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Eastern Standard Tribe, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town or my collection A Place So Foreign and Eight More, you can call, fax, or email your order to the store, and they’ll get me to sign copies with your inscription.

So if you pay your money, Cory “has to” write whatever you tell him? Oh, hilarity could ensue! Someone needs to coordinate many purchases (yeah, this prank isn’t free. You have to buy the book) and similar requests for inscriptions.

Perhaps, recycle some existing Cory-friendly memes:

  • The Internets are tubes
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  • Snacks On A Plane
  • Y’arr I’m a pirate

or, make up your own future meme and hope that Cory blogs about it when he gets millions of inscription requests

  • Donuts are for rolling, not strolling
  • Deely boppers, my ass
  • I ate my own tickle

or, make fun of the author or the book

  • This book sucks
  • I didn’t write this book
  • I hope you hate this book

or, take on some of Cory’s information/free/privacy causes

  • I hereby certify that I did not write this book
  • This book is hereby released under a Creative Commons license
  • I do not need to see your privacy policy
  • Steal this identity

I’m sure someone can do better than I can. Any ideas?


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