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What the hell is wrong with Froogle?

We’ve got some quality control problems with Froogle. Maybe this is nothing new. I searched for “bluetooth mouse” and clicked on one listing to see the two results in detail. Here they are listed. The name of the product and the merchant, together.


I tried the first one and the product page they link to is actually for a screen protector, not a mouse.

I tried the second one and it prompted me for login and password, and then of course denied me access.

Don’t be evil, sure. But don’t be lame, either.

annual credit report

Getting a credit report for those in the US is probably a good thing to do. That site allows you to get a free report from each agency every 12 months. You can do all three at once, or one of each every 4 months. I finally did it after it having been available in California since December. Better late than never.

Interesting to see what’s there:

the address “1139 AMARILLO APARTM
MILLBRAE, CA 94030-” when I once lived at “1139 AMARILLO AVE APT3
PALO ALTO, CA 94303-3710″ (i.e., same address but different city)

and a reference to ” ENGINEERING-MANAGEMENT SERVICE: PO BOX 370252, MONTARA, CA, 94037″ (our current PO Box)

I called them up and in a few minutes they changed the first two items, although it can take 30 to 45 days to process it and they’ll send me an email.

Obviously, none of these are bad errors, but it seems easier to keep it clean and prevent something weird in the future.

Update: The next day they updated it. They cleaned up the variations on 1139 Amarillo in Palo Alto (there had been two, one that said Apartment 3 and one that said APART and stopped there) and took out the variations in Millbrae. They got rid of the strange verison of my last name, and they deleted the Engineering-Management Service, with this note

As a part of our fraud protection efforts, we evaluate address information. The notice, “this is a non-residential address,” indicates that perhaps at one time business mail was accepted at this address, or the address was used as a mail drop, or a delivery service. It only advises a potential creditor to assure that this is your home address. The notice is about the address, not you.

It seems that they dropped the area codes on a bunch of my old phone numbers, but that hardly matters.


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