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lock, lock, lock the gate

[Props go to Emily for this photo, and for the whole group on the hike for the noticing and commenting on this; I post it here with shared credit to all]

This is the gate a hiking area called Sweeney Ridge. Normally to enter you must follow a torturous narrow zig-zag barely able to accommodate a human+backpack. This keeps out motor vehicles and other heavy equipment.

But those that look after the properly still need to be able to get in with their maintenance equipment and so the gate swings open for them. Simply having a lock isn’t sufficient; here they need at least eight locks. Eight different locks! So if one could be picked or someone has a master key, the other seven will back them up. Redundancy and diversity as approaches to security!

I’d love to see who shows up to open the gate; what kind of key ring they are carrying and what their frustration level is in opening up every single lock. Comedic possibilities abound. Update: wrong! See comments for explanation.


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