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ChittahChattah Quickies

  • Optimal Microwaving with Fitt's μλ-Number – I had an idea to blog about this myself, funny that someone else did. I try to enter microwave times that require minimal thought (or "mental operator" as they say in Fitt's Law): "2:22" is about as good as "2:00" when reheating and is provably faster. It obviously doesn't add a lot of time savings to your day, but it's been one of those little habits I've observed in myself. It's funny how math education, our money, and the way we tell time and structure our day conditions us to favor certain types of numbers, even when our interfaces don't.


If you are in Seattle on June 1, you should definitely check out the Stockstock Film Festival where a film by Steve Portigal and Anne Williams will be screened. Stockstock is a film contest where entrants are given 30 minutes of stock footage and create a 3-minute film using only that footage.


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