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Hot Wings

My dad received the following offer in the mail: a chance to win a free cremation. If he enters, he’ll have a chance to win each month!


They don’t specify, but I guess that must be each month until you die?

What’s especially fascinating is their connection between cremation and mobility:

“With everyone moving around these days,
placing a loved one in a ‘local’ cemetery
may not be as functional as it used to be.”

Portigal Consulting has been doing some projects recently on mobile devices, but I never thought to include cremation urns in that category.

The best part of the letter is the disclaimer at the end of the second page:

“Please accept our apologies if this letter
has reached you at a time of serious illness
or death in your family.”

How compassionate.

We really care about you *STEVE * PORTIGAL *

In yesterday’s mail comes this silly glossy ad ahem magazine from Farmer’s (our insurance company) entitled you belong, with lots of great stories about how quickly they pay up after storm damage and so on.

And to really deliver the feeling that I do indeed belong, comes this highly personalized note from our local agent.

I like the transition from [soft TV voice on] “Please don’t hesitate to contact me. That’s why I’m here.” [soft TV voice off] to the ridiculous dot-matrix font that throws in consumer-irrelevant database numbers like

directly in my face. Yep, I sure feel like I belong. A real personal connection.

This is a technical failure, a design failure, but also failure of “getting it” – some folks at Farmer’s are missing the point in a serious way.

Send it to me (or don’t, actually)

In a previous post I related my experience at AD:TECH. While there I picked up some trade rags, including DIRECT: Direct Marketing Business Intelligence. Thought it was interesting to look at some of the marketing lists now available:

This is a postal list of 10,000 consumers who requested a free tube of Nasalguard, a topical gel for allergy and asthma sufferers. Buyers’ names are included as well. The average unit of sale was $10. The Internet is the source.
Selections: Hotlines, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $116/M

Sweeps-Loving Donors

More than 3.2 million individuals who entered a sweepstakes and contributed to one or more charities are named here. Most are married women, median age 48, who earn $37,000 a year. Sixty percent of those listed are homeowners and about half have children. The file was assembled from mail order buyer, survey and transaction data.
Selections: Gender, age, income, homeowners, children, gift buyers, book buyers, magazine subscribers, donors by type, Internet connected, bank cardholders, mail order buyer category, golfers, travelers, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $65/M

Million Dollar Homeowners

Those who spent $1 million or more within the last 12 months on luxury homes are named on Million Dollar Homeowners, a file derived from recorded mortgage deeds. Some 133,000 records are available. Forty-one percent of these properties are in California. Other states with large counts are New York, Florida, Connecticut and Illinois. A third of these real estate buyers paid cash.
Selections: Gender, type of dwelling, purchase price, equity, type of mortgage, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $110/M

Lasik Surgery Prospects

TTK Data Services, the operator of Web site, has a list of men and women who expressed interest in laser eye surgery. TTK gathers information through online surveys. There are 473,529 e-mail and 387,222 postal records available. Prior to release to the broader market, this file was used by retail laser centers for targeted direct mail campaigns.
Selections: Hotline, behavior, income, presence of children, homeowners, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $125/M (postal or e-mail records)

I Give to Religious Causes

More than 1.7 million donors are identified on a recently assembled file called I Give to Religious Causes. This file was built from direct mail data that’s been overlaid with mail order buyer, demographic and lifestyle enhancements.
Selections: Age, income, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $75/M

Ogoplex Nutrition Supplement Buyers

Men and women who purchased the Ogoplex digestive supplement are named on this postal file. The last-12-month count is 131,456. The unit of sale is $28. Direct mail and space advertising are the sources.
Selections: Hotlines, age, credit card, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $100/M

Robotics Trends

Online publisher and conference producer Robotics Trends Inc. offers postal and e-mail lists with 6,000 postal and 5,570 e-mail records, including subscribers and attendees.
Selections: None offered
Price: $275/M (postal or e-mail file)

Lifestyle’s Hispanic Females

A combination of direct mail data generated from surveys, catalogs/subscriptions and public records was gathered to build Lifestyle’s Hispanic Females in Charge, a postal list. Some 417,049 women who head households are named. They paid for direct mail purchases with a credit card. E-mail addresses accompany 60,179 records.
Selections: Hotlines, household income, age, presence of children, length of residence, occupation, mail responsive, religion, interests and hobbies, telephone numbers, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $85/M (postal file); $125/M (e-mail file)

Extreme Outdoor Sports Adventurists

Thrill seekers who made purchases from various catalogs or subscribed to sports publications are identified on the Extreme Outdoor Sports Adventurists file. There are 729,443 postal records available.
Selections: BMX biking, bungee jumping, all-terrain-vehicle riding, kneeboarding, lacrosse, mountain biking, parachuting, paragliding, water skiing, windsurfing, white-water rafting, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain climbing, rock climbing, surfing, inline skating, trail running, age, gender, home/business address, income, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $80/M


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