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Is your Modem / Computer Safe during this monsoon ?

Is your Computer / Modem Safe ? Email us at to get more details.

Know about a product which I. T. Giants like Satyam & DAX bundle with their Internet Packs / Modems for quite some time now !

Have you had instances when your Modem silently died without you knowing the reason ?

Have you experienced Hard Disk Crashes, Failed Components etc. in the System where you couldn’t locate the source of the problem ?

What about your Cordless Phone / Answering Machines / EPABX Systems which crashed just like that ?

This happens as our Systems are exposed to Transients, Spikes, Surges & Lightning Attacks that leak thru’ the Telephone Line, even when the System’s power is off !

At least 3 to 4 times a day, Transients leak thru’ the Telephone Line producing a Spike, which can be potentially damaging to the Modem / Computer & even the Cordless Phone / Fax / Answering Machine / EPABX.

At Rs.499/- ‘MICROSAFE’ costs only a fraction of the price of the Computer that you will be protecting.

“MICROSAFE” would install itself between the telephone line and the precious equipment and it gives you complete protection from :

1. Spikes & Surges.
2. EMI – Electro Magnetic Interference.
3. ESI – Electro Static Interference.
4. Lightning Strikes – Both Direct & Induced.

Sounds Interesting ? Just Email to with complete shipping details and we shall send you the piece by VPP to your place at no extra charge. A Guaranteed Savings of Rs.75/- on this must have product ! You can also send us an email requesting “More Info on Microsafe” and we shall send you the same.

For those who like the smell of money, this is a huge business opportunity. Yes. We are looking for Business Partners to take this product to places and make lots of money in the process !

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