Son of More Monster Madness

Here’s an email from someone claiming that I never returned their call. Nice job. I’ve obviously never heard from these folks. And the zaniness continues!

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 13:49:47 -0800
From: “mara ablang”
To: steve at
Subject: Follow up letter A- Mr. Chatham

December 06, 2001

Your resume has been received here at JobFinders International, Inc., and was assigned by our screening committee to me for review. I called you seeking to set an appointment for an interview. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach you by phone and you have not called back.

We have a tremendous backlog of executive and professional job opportunities posted with our firm, and I felt confident in looking at your resume that one of these, or one of the new jobs being posted with us almost daily, would be a great fit for you.

Our staff contacts companies continuously to find the highest quality openings for our clients in the unpublished market. The response from these companies has been outstanding. We currently have over 1,500 well paying, stable positions as: CEO, President, VP, GM, COO, Controller, Division Manager, Plant Manager, IT and MIS Managers and on through line managers; as well as variety of professional positions such as Engineer, Staff Attorney, RN, etc.

My efforts to speak with you by telephone have not been successful. If you have already accepted a position, I would surely appreciate the professional courtesy of a telephone or e-mail response advising me of that fact. That will allow us to remove your resume from our database and direct our attention to those who are still in the job search mode.

You may call me at (925) 930-8940 x202 to set an appointment for an interview or to discuss your situation if you are still in the job search. To delete you resume, please call me at the same number.

Best Regards,

Robert Chatham

Vice President


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