Rats on Tour

Sniffy the Rat Bus Tour

The Sniffy the Rat Bus Tour pays homage to one of Canada’s most famous artistic events. In 1990, Vancouver performance artist Rick Gibson announced he would be crushing a live rat named Sniffy between two cement blocks in what he called a ‘free art lesson.’ Word of the event generated international media publicity and inspired much dialogue about the definition and ethics of art. Public outrage swelled until the day of the event when angry animal activists stole Gibson’s killing apparatus and threatened his personal safety, while Sniffy was ‘rescued’ and given a comfortable home in the suburbs.

The Sniffy the Rat Bus Tour is much like a celebrity bus tour you might find in Hollywood. A friendly tour guide provides commentary for the audience as they travel to the sites that made the Sniffy story happen. There’s music and singing, a multi-media presentation, dramatic re-enactments and plenty of photo opportunities!


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