Secret Grooming Habits

NPR’s Marketplace does a feature on ethnography. It’s the new reality TV, I guess. A market research trend, they say. It’s kind of a snide piece, isn’t it weird that people use products this way and they tell us? Eyeew!

I found this page about the main ethnographer they profile

david grzelak
Columbus OH: Advertising agency Ten United recruits David Grzelak for the unusual position of director of ethnography. Previously marketing research manager at Hallmark and a consultant, Grzelak heads a newly formed Behavioral Insights Group that works with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their respective target markets. His degrees are in anthropology and business anthropology from Wayne State and Purdue, respectively. Ten United has roughly $185 million in billings for clients like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Limited Brands, OhioHealth, Perkins Restaurants, Time-Warners Communications, Hoover and Prestige Brands including Murine, Comet and Prell.

As usual (this is one of my frequent comments) the press will focus on either advertising or product development, but won’t acknowledge both. This one is about advertising.


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