KSJO’s switch to Latin oldies rocks headbangers’ world

San Francisco Chronicle

Steve Portigal was on the way to the gym in his Miata, looking for an AC/DC fix on his car radio, when he drove smack into the changing face of California.
The dial was tuned to 92.3 FM, but instead of the screaming hard-rock guitars that have blared from KSJO for 36 years to the delight of Bay Area listeners, what Portigal heard were accordion-tinged Mexican oldies.
‘I was confused and surprised,’ said Portigal, 36, of Montara. ‘I could almost always press that button and an AC/DC song would be playing.’
With no notice other than its final song — Wall of Voodoo’s ‘Mexican Radio’ — radio giant Clear Channel switched KSJO to a Spanish-language format of Mexican favorites on Oct. 28, giving a nod to the region’s burgeoning Latino population and pulling the plug on a Bay Area rock institution.


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