Portigal Consulting – move

portigal.com moved to a new host yesterday. If you see any glitches in the site, definitely let me know.

Email seems to be a bit jammed up while things transfer over (if you’ve never moved a site, there’s a delay for the propogation of the new info that tells other Internet sites where to look to find me – they say as much as 48 hours), I’m getting some messages coming in, others not. If I mail myself, even, from my own address, it doesn’t come through.

I’m hoping, as usual, that it’s just delayed because of this, and not lost or stuck. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Update: I just found a heap of email sitting on my old ISP. I don’t know enough Linux to know where to look for the files (let alone how to read them) so I just kept poking around. Seems like some email is still being delivered there, and since it’s no longer officially portigal.com, I have to use an IP address to ftp into the site and poke in directories til I see a recent and large mail file. There were 89 messages, mostly spam, including one test message I sent 30 minutes ago. So there’s a still problem, but most stuff seems to be getting through here. Hmm. Glad I haven’t closed that account yet!


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