Montara SBC problems?

Don’t know if anyone from Montara sees this blog, but I’m having a problem with SBC voice mail (“The Message Center”) and I was curious if others in the area have the same problem, since it’s possibly a capacity issue.

Frequently, but intermittently
– my phone rings many times and the voice mail never picks up
– calling the local number they have for us (728-3704) gives a busy signal (often these two things are related)
– occasional voice messages where I never heard the phone ring in the first place

I had The Message Center before moving to Montara, and it works slightly different here – here you call that number and need to press * to get to the login interface – until recently it was a non-standard greeting before you pressed * – this makes me think that we’re on some old equipment here that can’t handle the capacity – too many calls come in and it just stops picking them up.

I’m specifically interested in hearing from other folks who have experienced something similar in the local area, and if there have been any attempts to work with SBC for a resolution, etc. etc. I’d like to coordinate any steps I take with others if possible.


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