Macy*s – Customer Service

Macy*s does not want to hear from you. There is no “contact us” link on their site. There is a link you can click at the very bottom where the trademark info is listed:
If you would like to request our corporate name and address by email click here.

That takes you to almost the exact version of the same page, with an extra box at the bottom that says
Please enter you email address and we’ll email you our Corporate Address.
and filling that out gets you this acknowledgement

Your message has been sent to our Customer Service team. A representative will respond to your message as quickly and completely as possible. Thank you for shopping at
First Name:
Last Name:
Your Email:
Subject: Site/General questions
A Question Regarding: Request our Corporate Address
Here is the message you sent:

Which is rather disconcerting since they didn’t give you a chance to enter anything other than your email address, and yet they are showing the results of a whole form you filled out.

So to contact them, you have to submit a request that a human being will process? That seems really crappy to me.


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