ChittahChattah Quickies

  • The Pokémon franchise is finally trying to complete the profound leap from mere children’s media property to all-pervasive children’s lifestyle product. The Pokéwalker is an electronic pedometer. You load one of your assorted Pokémon onto the Pokéwalker, which connects wirelessly to the DS. You can then leave the DS, which is already smaller than a paperback, behind completely. You put the tiny Pokéwalker anywhere on your body and it will record every step you take in real life. Those steps are then automatically converted into points that are used to boost the Pokémon, discover new ones and unearth hidden objects. The Pokéwalker itself has a small screen that can be used to play a limited version of the game, and when you get home you can reconnect the Pokéwalker to the DS to synchronize your progress. With the Pokéwalker the game does become part of life. You really are carrying a Pokémon in your pocket and it really does matter how far you take it.


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