ChittahChattah Quickies

  • They are all emblazoned with the word “police” and made from cotton, polyester, elastic and some other synthetic materials, thickly padded and with no metal or plastic studs or fasteners.
  • Kerri Christman, owner of Butt For You, says the major client base for butt pads are seniors, models and HIV-positive men who’ve lost the fat in their butts from years of taking antiretroviral drugs. “We also get stunt men. And some celebrities, which I can’t name.” Silicone Body founder Pauline Rous, whose Package Booster will be included in gift bags at this year’s Latin Grammys, says she caters to another demographic. “We’re in San Diego, so we have the entire entertainment industry – models and actors. You know, if you see a perfectly shaped guy, I can tell you he’s wearing something.”


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