Two hundred and fifty Leisurama houses were built in Montauk, Long Island by a developer called All-State Properties. Macy’s stocked each house with furniture, dishes, towels – all necessary furnishings. The owner just had to show up at his new house with the clothes on his back – everything else was included in the package.
Leisurama houses were all about summer, family, the beach, and parties. Posters advertising the houses showed people having a grand time in the sand. The ‘Leisurama’ logo was in funky type, with a smiling sun dotting the ‘i’.
The Leisurama story is one of ambition, creative marketing, and a desire to leave the daily grind behind and escape to a fun, playful utopia. It is a story about a post-war nation searching for peace and diversion on the home front. It is a story about the clash of ideologies. It is a story about suntans, fishing, and outdoor barbecues. [The documentary] will be told by on camera interviews of original and current house owners, the architect, builder, and historians [and] will be scored with early 1960s style pop music, a perfect compliment [sic] to the carefree lifestyle promoted by the Leisurama brand.


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