Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet with Class Five Technology

The new Cimarron Comfort Height toilet by Kohler, with Class Five technology, is engineered for extraordinary bulk flushing performance. With names inspired by the raw power of whitewater rapids, this powerhouse features an industry-leading 31/4-inch flush valve, combined with an efficient, direct-fed jet, to maximize water flow and allow for an eco-friendly, 1.4-gallon flush setting option. For toilets that get pushed to the extreme, Cimarron is the perfect choice.

Now, I have yet to see it, but supposedly there is a print ad that shows three “girthy” guys going to town on three substantial sub sandwiches. The implication seems unsubtle but rather unusual – if you are a big guy who eats a lot of food, you’re going to generate more stool than usual, so you better have a toilet that is ready to handle it? Chalk this one up under the changes to products, services, and messaging than acknowledge the new standard for obesity.

If anyone has that print ad, I need to see it!

Update: I got it!


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