Hungry Jack Pancakes & Waffle Mix FAQs

I dunno – it just concerned me that this was the first Frequently Asked Question
Question I’m used to finding my favorite Hungry Jack Pancake Mix based on the color of the box. I’ve noticed the boxes are now all red. How can I find my favorite color?
Answer We’ve updated our graphics to unify the look of our Hungry Jack products. All Hungry Jack products are now in a red box. The colors of the boxes that you are used to seeing are still there. They can now be found in the background color behind the flavor name.

* Orange = Buttermilk Just Add Water
* Yellow = Extra Light & Fluffy Just Add Water
* Red = Buttermilk Add Milk, Oil & Eggs
* Light Blue = Extra Light & Fluffy Add Milk, Oil & Eggs
* Dark Blue = Original Add Milk, Oil & Eggs

Question Has the product formula or quality changed since the packaging is different?
Answer Hungry Jack Pancake Mixes still have the same great taste and quality you’ve come to expect. Addtionally, Hungry Jack Pancake Mixes are now fortified with Calcium & 6 vitamins plus iron.


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