How to beat the spam filters?

Here’s part of the body of a spam I got today. Bela Lugosi is not dead, and he is sending me spam? Or it some huckstering cow? I have no idea. Weird, and funny. The latest technology in getting past spam filters, no doubt (didn’t work, in my case).

In creeeease your quality of life through Huumaan Grooowth Hoormoooone and Test osssterooone The raapy.

We have fulllly liicenseed m ediicaaal faciiiiliities, all ooordwwwrs are fillled by US Phaaaa rmaciieeees, ffffDaa Apppproveed, and reviiiiewed by Boooard Certiiified Dooooctoraaaa.

Don’t be foooooled by imiiitatiooon prooducts out on the maaaarket. Our prooograms are cliinicallly proven to reeeeduuuuce booody faaaat, increease s eeexuaal perform aaance and reeeduce the efffffects of agiiinnnng. These are not proooducts you can puuuurchase in the stoores, they are only admiinisterrred by liiicenseed doooc Tor’s and p haaaarm aciiiies.

Each of our cllllients willll be in contact with our liiiicensed phyysiicians to determine the best proooogram for them. To receiive more in formaation on our prooograms and theeeeraaaapy please filll out our shooort foooorm and we willll contact you back as soon as we get a chance to reviiiew your suuubmisssion foorm


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