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  • [from julienorvaisas] Deconstructed: Aesir’s Perfect Cell Phone [Fast Company] – [What's this? Heirloom consumer electronics? Less is more? Is this a trend or an anomoly? Many products start out as carefully crafted one-offs and move towards disposable, commodity mass-products over time – watches, razors, even food. Are mobile phones playing this out in reverse? How will this gadget incorporate unpredictable technological advances that will enable must-have functionality? Does it need to?] "Instead of more, we proposed better and longer lasting," says designer Yves Béhar. "It became a way to answer questions like, Why do I need a new phone each year? And why does it have to be complicated?" For answers, Aesir founder Thomas Møller Jensen spent two-plus years gathering an army of materials specialists, engineers, and craftspeople. The result, the AE+Y, has exceptionally clear audio and parts that are fully replaceable ad infinitum. "We want the phone to be as interesting and relevant in 10 years' time as it is today," says Jensen.


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