ChittahChattah Quickies

  • … I would introduce empathy processes into government, especially departments that interact with the public or with businesses. Everyone – EVERYONE – will go through the process that their “clients” go through, on a regular basis (say, once per year). DMV clerks who stand in line (as the obvious example) will have an opportunity to see what the “other half” experiences. …
  • Please drop the Chief Information Officer title you are planning to create. That title is so 20th Century. You need a serious Department of Innovation led by a heavy-weight giant in the field who sits in on Cabinet meetings…All understand that innovation is not solely about technology but about behavior, empathy, collaboration and designing new options where none existed before.
  • (via Kottke). Some great examples of different ways people can interpret instructions. In the case of ballot design and usage, how to interpret their actions becomes a legal matter sitting on top of a usability matter.


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