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  • A new study suggests people prefer cars to appear dominant, masculine and angry. Researchers hope to better understand what goes on in the brain when people see faces in objects.

    Study participants assessed cars based on a system known as geometric morphometrics, which allowed the men and women to rate certain traits on a sliding scale (such as “infancy” to “adulthood”). The traits represented maturity, sex, attitudes, emotions, and personality – all things that people infer from human faces at a single glance.

    After rating car traits, participants then answered the question of whether they saw a human face, animal face or no face at all on the cars. They drew facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth on the car images whenever they did see faces.

    They also want to conduct research using people in Ethiopia who don’t have familiarity with modern car models, and eventually extend their research across other countries.

    (via Core77)


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