ChittahChattah Quickies

Note that the service that automates this is flaky right now so I’m going to do it by hand til they get themselves sorted. Or until I can implement a workaround. Sigh!

  • When pedestrians cross, by design, in all directions including diagonally. Associated with Shibuya Crossing (I presume by Westerners who have witnessed the dramatic mass of humanity) but originated in North America and making a comeback in urban planning.
  • SpinVox (a voice-to-text tech firm) reports that 73% did not like the way their voices sounded. “It seems Britain is being gripped by an epidemic of accent envy and accent self loathing. After decades where dialect diversity has been celebrated, the majority of Britons now aspire to received pronunciation – and to share the sound of their voice not only with The Queen but with celebrities like Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant.”


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