ChittahChattah Quickies

  • “Under a time constraint, consumers are more motivated to purchase a product that helps achieve the minimal goal of preventing a negative outcome than they are to purchase a product that helps achieve the maximum goal of promoting a positive outcome”
  • Sad-but-frequently-true story of how some people approach asking questions. Nice to hear from the answerer’s perspective. This crap doesn’t work, folks.
  • Nice straightforward piece about different goals for “design research” and thus the different outcomes. 1. Research as context, 2. Research as stimulus, 3. Research as evaluation.
  • From last October, a Toronto Star article (now seemingly expired) about the process of testing the flushing power of toilets. Thrill to the details of how they make fake poo out of various other substances, and then try flushing it.
  • “Since May 2007, Doblin has been proud to be a part of Monitor Group, one of the world’s premier professional advisory firms.” Interesting.
  • Fantastic example of cultural differences in Param’s post about a new website that gives the “right” kind of navigational info for its Indian customers.


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