Bridges Over Borders

This one is for Niti – about the “without borders” brand increasing in popularity, at least with a certain flavor of organziation.

There’s Acupuncturists Without Borders, for instance, which is featuring its Katrina recovery efforts on its website with the distinctive tag line, “We Stick Bayou.”

There’s Clowns Without Borders, whose members apparently function as a traveling USO show for children and other audiences in war-torn countries.

There’s Engineers Without Borders, whose website includes a quote from former World Bank chief James Wolfensohn on empowering people and a regular feature on the “Sustainable and Appropriate Solution of the Month.”

There’s Grantmakers Without Borders, which seems to understand that a better world won’t happen without some funding.

I was hoping to find Zoologists Without Borders, but there is no such group – yet. There is, however, down at that end of the alphabet, Veterinarians Without Borders


[via Agenda]


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