Black and Decker – another crappy customer service experience

Recently I purchased a Black and Decker Hedgehog 24″ Dual Action Trimmer. When I got it home, I saw that the trimmer was in the box, fully assembled, etc.
There was nothing else in the box – no manual, warranty card, or other documentation. The outside of the box promised a free extension cord would be included, and that was not in the box either.

It worked wonderfully.

On the Monday, I called Black and Decker to sort this out. I worked through the phone maze, and then was told that they were too busy, call back later, and they hung up on me.

I went online, did all the crap required to send in a customer service request.

As far as the documentation goes, they won’t send me anything, but they want me to go to another website and go through a registration process so I can download the information. No warranty card, obviously, would be available that way.

Turns out the free extension cord is a mail-in offer. But the box has a sticker that says “Free Extension Cord Included” – doesn’t included mean it’s IN THE BOX? There was no information about sending away to get it. That’s just crap, IMHO. Anyway, their email response suggested I use the attached form to send in for the cord. But they attached no form.

Finally, the email response gave me a “click here” link if the response was satisfactory, otherwise asked me to click the button below to send a followup. There was no button below.

Simple problem that they won’t make right. Deceptive and misleading packaging. Sloppy customer support.



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