Ball Park Franks supersizes you

Isn’t it strange that with all the hype and scandal about obesity and with the various food companies scrambling to spin their foods healthy somehow (i.e., the ridiculous KFC is healthy ads that have run in various forms) that so many ads feature definitely overweight dudes revelling in their gluttony? The Ball Park Franks ads running now feature a guy with a pretty serious gut, working on his backyard BBQ, talking in goofily intense tones about meaty, juicy, and….girthy. I guess since no English speaker has ever heard or used the word before, he says “girthy” like 8 times, each time with a silly-but-frighteningly intense growl, drawing it out….Giiiirrthy! he exclaims, with manly satisfaction. Is he talking about the food, or himself? Or what the food does to him? Either way, it’s clearly okay with him. And so it should be with us, no doubt.



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