Amazon choking under its own weight?

Does anyone else think Amazon has become incredibly broken? More often than not, nowadays, when I place an order it becomes incredibly delayed. They sometimes alert me by email that the item I ordered won’t be available for a month from now. One kitchen item I tried to puchase was delayed twice, finally I cancelled, ordered somewhere else online and had it within a few days.

Amazon’s whole thing used to be good customer service (not the case any more I’m finding) and speedy processing. I ordered some stuff three weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped – even though my account indicates that it should have shipped a week ago. Not to mention that one of the items in this order has already been delayed til June.

Can we trust Amazon for gift giving anymore? They can’t seem to put it together to get stuff out of their warehouse (or however they are doing it) and out to their customers – three weeks? And still not shipped? I’d have been better off ordering from someone else (I hope) or just going to (agh!) an actual store and buying what I wanted.


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